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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is is a comprehensive pharmacy website designed to connect your customer with your pharmacy and its expanded services. 



How does work?

Your customer, through marketing inserts, etc. goes to the RXNeed site and looks up your pharmacy. After finding your pharmacy, they click "Get Refill" to set up their refill. They input the date and time when they want to pick up their refill(s).



What's the convenience of

With jobs and families and so many other responsibilities, no one has the time to wait at their pharmacy for their refills. Normally, a customer go to the pharmacy, tell them you need your prescription refilled, then sit and wait until the pharmacist got their medicine. It may take a few minutes, it may take an hour, but either way that's time that could be spent doing something else.


With, the customer chooses when to get their refill and then sets it up online. So when they go to the pharmacy, they can just grab their prescription and go. They can request a refill right from their desk while at work without having to call anyone or go anywhere. Plus, they can keep track of when they get their refills, so they can remind themselves when they need the next one.



How do they find my pharmacy on

All they need is to remember the name of your pharmacy, just type that in the search box and go. Otherwise, we list our pharmacies by location, so they simply enter in their state and neighborhood to find all the pharmacies in their area.



What do I need to sign up for an account?

Just go to the RXNeed sign up page and fill out the profile request.



What is my cost to add the RXNeed service to my pharmacy offering?

After the initial trial period, RXNeed is offered on a monthly basis with no contract required. The present monthly fee is $59 per month.




What else can I get out of at

Your customers can find out more about your pharmacy's personnel. Find out when your pharmacy is open, and also see what other services and products you offer. 




Can a customer submit new prescriptions via

Their doctor must send new prescription directly to you the pharmacist. Most pharmacies will accept faxed prescriptions or e-prescriptions from a doctor.




What is the fee to my customers to use is absolutely FREE. They don't have to pay anything to use