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Pharmacy Benefits

Receive Refill Requests Online


1. Provide excellent service to customers.

2. Process refills quickly and automatically, saving you time and money.

3. Free your employees to do other important work, instead of spending time on the phone.

4. Let your pharmacists work on what is most important taking care of your customers.

5. Pharmacists can review and process all refill requests at a suitable time.

6. Reduce chances of error, as pharmacists aren't interrupted while filling prescriptions.

7. Problems in a refill request can be resolved with ease before the patient arrives.

8. Reduce customer wait time.

9. Use online refill requests to keep your inventory current.

10. No IOY's or KOW's, making all customers happy

11. More repeat customers, leading to more business and profits.

12. Easy to use software and website.

13. Advertise your pharmacy to potential customers, many of them in your area.

14. Quick setup time sign up and begin providing service almost immediately.

15. Gain a competitive advantage over other pharmacies that don't offer online refills.

16. Take advantage of advanced web technology.

17. No need for any new hardware. Use your existing computer and internet connection.

18. Mobile apps available soon on-the-go convenience for your customers.

19. Cost effective only a small monthly fee to get started.

20. SSL Secure Server for complete protection.

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