Seasons Greetings

Consumer Benefits


- Provides online refill services.


- Search your Pharmacies fast and easy with the search tool.


- Process refills quickly and automatically.


- Save your time instead waiting at Pharmacies.


- Get the excess health information through multiple health related articles.


- Check the list of Refills made through 'Refills List.'


- Get the Refill Reminders in your busy schedule.


- Easy to use software and website.


- Get the information about new pharma products in the market.


- Save your favorite articles and humor's and get back whenever you need them.


- Immunization Charts automatically keeps all dates and records of your entire family.


- Quick setup time sign up and start receiving the services fast and easy.


- Access the services any time via mobile devices through the Rx Need app.


- Take advantage of advanced web technology.


- No need for any new hardware. Use your existing computer and internet connection.