Experimental Drug Targets Cancer Metabolic Process

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13 Jun 2018 08:13 AM EST

According to UPI, a clinical trial produced an experimental drug for stopping a vital metabolic process for cancer cells.
Conducted by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Center for Co-Clinical Trials, the drug targets one key metabolic process to prevent the survival and further growth of cancer cells in the lungs.
Although cancer cells rely on two metabolic processes for growth and survival, most studies have focused on glycolysis.
That's why researchers looked into the other metabolic process, referred to as OXPHOS.
Their study found that lung cancers harboring mutations in the SMARCA4 gene rely on OXPHOS for survival, making them susceptible to an OXPHOS inhibitor, which they developed.
The drug is currently in it's second Phase 1 trial, which began in November 2017.

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