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For Older Patients, Kidney Dialysis May Not Be The Best Use Of Time

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24 Apr 2019 02:17 AM EST

A new study from Harvard Medical School reveals time-consuming kidney dialysis might not make sense for patients who don't have long to live. UPI reports the study found that nearly 55% of adults over the age of 65 with end-stage kidney disease die within a year of starting dialysis--upending previously held beliefs about the use of the treatment. The new data conflict with previous findings, many from the U.S. Renal Data Registry, which reports a 30 percent mortality rate for older adults who just started dialysis treatment who are healthy enough to receive dialysis treatment outside a hospital. However, nearly three-fourths of patients begin dialysis inside of a hospital and some don't live to receive outpatient treatment. The researchers say this makes the new findings more realistic.

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